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Crowd directed ICO Investments

Individual coin investors are often blocked or excluded from investing in ICOs due to high minimum investment limits. Or some people just don't have the time to continually monitor and research upcoming ICOs and altcoin fundamentals to invest with confidence. TrovaNet uses pooling from many members funds to democratize ICO investing and allow anyone to participate and to increase the chance of success for all members. Members vote on which ICOs to invest in. TROVA tokens are used to cast votes to direct investments into the crowds preferred ICOs. The value of member TROVA tokens cast is used to determine the fraction of pooled funds to invest in each ICO. By pooling member funds together investment limits often in place for ICOs can be met to enable participation in early ICO phases.. This increases the odds of purchasing pre ICO and ICO coins at the best rates and to enjoy early stage bonus awards. Only funds from members who wish to participate are pooled. Members define the amount of their funds they wish to be allocated to the ICO pool. Once an ICO coin is available on trading exchanges the altcoin investing strategy and voting applies. ICOs are tracked as blockchain smart contracts. These smart contracts are published for all members to view.  

Staking - Proof of Stake

Staking (Proof of Stake) is a method used to validate blockchain transactions. More and more blockchains are using PoS instead of proof of work to improve efficiency and transaction speed. Anyone holding coins can provide PoS services. The amount of funds held by a staking service increases the chance of being selected for PoS services and thus the rate of coins awarded. Individuals that have a small amount of funds will find that on their own they rarely gain coin rewards due to the low chances of being selected for PoS services. TrovaNet solves this problem by pooling members funds to increase the odds of being selected for PoS services. Only funds allocated by a member for PoS are used in the staking pools. This is a good strategy for investors that wish to hold funds in altcoins and grow their investment with low risk. Members can remove their funds from the staking pools any time. Bounty is calculated and added to the members account each week or on the member exiting the pool. 

Crowd Directed Altcoin Investing

Members use TROVA tokens to cast votes for which altcoins to invest in. The ratio of TROVA coin value pegged to each altcoin is used to determine the amount invested from the pool to each altcoin. Votes are cast for short term and long term gains. Members are rewarded with TROVA tokens for picking short term and long term winners. Members voting records are recorded in the blockchain. This provides a record of voting success and increases the voting weight for members that have a talent for picking winners. Individuals with higher success accumulate more TROVA tokens and have more influence over community investment decisions. The concepts behind TROVA token level the playing field and allow each members relative success, based on their voting record. to weight their influence instead of the amount of currency they hold in their account.  Members are also awarded TROVA tokens for quality analysis of altcoins.

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Each member must register the public address of an ERC20 compatible wallet for storing TROVA coins. MyEtherWallet, for example, supports ERC20 tokens. Members are notified when and how much (based on how each member has set their allocation fractions and investement limits) they should send to a TrovaNet Ethereum pooling wallet. To participate in an investment round members Investment funds are sent by each member from a members own Ethereum (ETH) wallet to the investment pools Ethereum wallet. Each investment pool has exactly 1 Ethernet wallet. This is securely maintained on the platform and used to exchange funds to native coin formats required for ICO token purchasing, Staking or Altcoin purchases. Members define the percent of funds in their Ethereum wallets that are to be used for ICO, Staking and Altcoin investing. Members are provided with the TrovaNet pool public wallet key that is used to flash pool investments. The TrovaNet platform will calculate the recommended amounts each member should transfer into each investing pool based on crowd voting results. Members are free to join the pools or just watch and do nothing. The crowd votes are also used to determine when to get in and out of each investment. There may be pool limits for certain ICOs. There are also lock-up periods on ICOs where invested funds are not transferable out of the ICO contract until certain conditions are met. Each ICO stipulates these conditions and these will be published well before voting on a particular ICO takes place. All investments made from the investment pools are published for each member to view and record. Funds are transferred back to each members Ethereum wallet when a member requests their fraction of the pool be returned or when the crowd votes to exit a coin. Note incremental entry and exit to/from a altcoin investment is supported with no penalty. In the event that an ICO is cancelled or not successful funds will be returned to the pool wallets and refunded to each participant. Funds are pooled for 24 hours before the investment milestone. 

Transparency and how pooling works

TROVA coins

TrovaNet TROVA coins are standard Ethereum ERC20 coins. Members can create their own Ethereum token compatible wallets to store TRV coins or they can use the MyEtherWallet https://www.myetherwallet.com/ created for each members account. TROVA coins are used to track each members voting records. TROVA coins are used to reward for members when their votes result in the best returns. Members that direct platform pooled investments with the best returns accumulate more TROVA coins which creates a positive investment feedback loop. Members can also vote (virtual investing) and be rewarded with TROVA coins without actually investing in the associated ICO or altcoin investment. There is a cap to the number of TROVA coins that can be used by a member to vote for one event to ensure that a small number of investors with large amounts of TROVA coins do not overwhelm all other votes. TROVA coins are also awarded to members that contribute to analysis of each investment. 

Knowledge building and virtual investment mode

For a period of time TrovaNet will run only in virtual investment mode to allow time for members investment acumen and the overall member TROVA token pareto to mature. This will ensure that actual investments will be more influenced by members with superior investment acumen. This mode will be made available to all members to allow members to gauge how the collective decision making process is performing. The virtual mode feature will be supported to allow new members to test the system and as a way for members to gain credibility without investing.  Members can make their voting record public for other members to see. Members are free to copy other members who they agree with. 

As knowledge accumulates on the platform we believe that the TROVA coin voting record will provide a powerful rating system for crytpo currencies, tokens, altcoins and blockchain startup companies. Ratings, member commentary and due diligence discoveries will provide a powerful guard against SCAM coins and organizations. This reduces the investment risk for members and is a source of valuable data that other organizations can rely on for guidance. TROVA coin voting transactions and investment returns will be used to create an accountable immutable and rating system for both members and the entities the crowd chooses to or not to invest in. 

Crypto currency and ICO ratings

Clarity on what TrovaNet is NOT

TrovaNet is not a Bank, Day Trading Service, Currency Exchange, Clearning House, Stock trading, IPO investment service or Lending platform.